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  • Humax expands its efforts in the smart home business - September 10, 2015

    Humax expands its efforts in the smart home business
    - Humax unveils 'Butler' at the 'IBC 2015,' targeting the smart home market

    BUNDANG-GU, South Korea, Sept. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Humax (CEO, Kim Tae-Hun, announces on Sept. 10, that it will disclose a smart home solution, 'Butler,' at the 'IBC 2015' - Europe's largest broadcasting equipment exhibition - to be held from September 11 - 15.
    The company, which showed smart home technology last year for the first time, will disclose more advanced smart home service features with the 'Butler.' Humax has embedded the Butler solution in the existing video gateway and broadband gateway and expanded them to smart home gateway, building a strong foundation to implement various smart home services.

    The 'Butler' connects at-home devices and automatically controls them, making homes more comfortable and convenient for users. For example, when a user selects a movie channel to watch a movie, the gateway automatically recognizes it and dims the lights. Moreover, IP cameras can be connected to the gateway for home surveillance, monitoring every corner of the house in real time. If someone breaks into the house, it automatically alerts users via TV and mobile devices. Butler also allows users to check visitors on the TV screen when they are watching TV.

    It uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology for easy installation and is compatible with Android operation system.
    Since Humax has presented the Butler at the 'TV Connect' exhibition held in the UK last April and the 'INTX' exhibition held in Chicago, USA last May, the business development plans are under discussions with many global operators. The company also plans to launch smart home products for the retail market with their own brand name.
    Kim Tae-Hun, CEO of Humax, said, "Smart home services have been mainly introduced to some early adopters only and not familiar with consumers. However, cable and telco operators these days are fiercely competing each other for the growth of net subscribers and average revenue per unit (ARPU). Therefore, operators are now introducing smart home technologies and services to their customers, which drives high consumer awareness and interest in smart home products. We continue to introduce new advanced smart home solutions, offering a wide array of applications in various areas of our daily lives."

    In addition, Humax reveals the server-client set that enables multi-room experiences in a house by connecting a small type 4K IP-based client box to the video gateway server. 
    The 'IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) 2015' will be held for five days from September 11 - 15 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The show is expecting to attract 55,000 experts from 170 countries, exhibiting more than 1,700 leading suppliers with advanced broadcasting technologies and products. The booth of Humax will be located at Hall 1, Stand No. C27.


  • 'Humax Art Room'... A small gallery in your daily life - August 11, 2015

    - Opens 'Humax Art Room,' an exhibition space for artworks
    - Exhibits artworks for residents and a path to find new artists

    (August 11, 2015)… Humax opens an exhibition space, 'Humax Art Room' where local residents can appreciate artworks.
    Humax (CEO, Kim Tae-Hun), a global gateway provider, announces that the company opens an exhibition space, 'Humax Art Room' on the second floor of its office building located in Bundang, Seongnam and exhibits artworks of new artists.
    While the Headquarters building was undergoing renovations to mark the 10th anniversary of its construction, the existing conference room was transformed into a new art gallery and now is open to the public.
    Humax will run about 10 times of art exhibitions this year, offering opportunities for local residents to watch various artworks for free. Humax Art Room will discover and introduce new promising artists by offering exhibition opportunities for new artists those who have less exhibition opportunities.

    In 2007, Humax opened an art hall on the lower ground floor of the Headquarters under the motto 'Sharing Culture' to share cultural experiences with local residents and hosted many quality cultural performances since then. Humax is again expecting that the Art Room will be another place to share cultural experiences and to expand a relationship with local residents.
    The first exhibition will be an individual exhibition (Title: From your mind) of artist Na Yu-Rim which shows amazing creativity and fantasy. The exhibition will be held from August 11 to September 11 (8 AM - 8 PM), and the artwork can be purchased on the spot.  The exhibition is curated by ‘A Company’, an event agency, specialized in curating.
    An official of Humax said, "The Art Room will be a simple yet meaningful place since people can enjoy artworks in their daily lives at corporate office space. We expect many local residents to visit the Art Room to see unique artworks and develop artistic sensitivity and at the same this will be a place to support the development of new talented artists.
    Jeong Jiyeon, CEO of A Company said, "With Humax Art Room, we will look for many new talented artists and display their artworks. Since it is fairly different from conventional galleries, it will be a unique place where people can find pleasure and comfort in art."


  • HUMAX Awarded in BT Environmental Sustainability Program - July 06, 2015

    HUMAX Awarded in BT Environmental Sustainability Program

    - HUMAX awarded Bronze status from BT’s Supplier Forum
    - Committed to being a global leader in sustainable innovation

    Bundang, Korea –July 6, 2015 … HUMAX has been awarded Bronze status by BT’s Supplier Forum, a sustainability program designed for suppliers.

    The Forum, developed by BT to encourage suppliers to address sustainability challenges in 2012, assesses suppliers against the development and implementation of sustainability policies and practices in ten categories from environment to human rights, labour and ethics. HUMAX was awarded bronze status for its performance in developing and implementing best practices on sustainability. HUMAX also won the Forum’s Game Changing Challenge for Consumer Devices manufacturers, which is a competition to reward suppliers with innovative product development ideas that result in environmental sustainability benefits.

    With ever-increasing understanding of the importance of sustainability across the global business world, many companies encourage suppliers to engage in developing and implementing a sustainable framework. HUMAX’s recent achievements as part of the BT program, demonstrate the global competitiveness of its approach towards sustainability.

    HUMAX, a set-top box supplier to BT since 2012, launched a sustainability task force in April 2012 and has been working closely with BT on the development and implementation of best sustainability practices across the business.

    “BT set up the Supplier Forum in 2012 as a way to drive engagement and innovation in sustainability in our supply chain. We are delighted with the progress demonstrated by HUMAX through its participation in the Forum and look forward to further collaboration and innovation,” said Erik Raphael, Director BT Devices and BT WiFi, BT.

    “Being awarded Bronze status in the BT Supplier Forum shows HUMAX’s capability in driving sustainable innovation, which is a primary value in the global business environment. HUMAX will continue the efforts on developing innovative eco-design products on this sustainable journey.” said Tae-Hun Kim, CEO, HUMAX.

    HUMAX has been approved to join the UNGC (UN Global Compact), a strategic policy initiative for businesses that are committed to aligning their operations and strategies with Corporate Social Responsibility and business ethics in January this year and also plans to release its first sustainability report in coming months. 

  • HUMAX joins Frog by Wyplay - April 21, 2015

    MARSEILLE, France / Bundang, Korea – April 2nd, 2015 — Wyplay, creator of software solutions for leading pay-TV operators, and HUMAX Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ : 115160), a leading global set-top-box company, today announced that HUMAX has become a Licensee of the Frog open-source STB client middleware solution.

    Frog is based on Wyplay’s software for digital TV client devices and TV operators’ backends, the source code of which is shared among a growing community of more than 80 licensee companies, including chipset vendors, device manufacturers, independent software vendors, software services providers, and operators.

    “We are delighted to join the Frog Community.” said Jeff Kim, President of HUMAX Europe. “With our strong presence in the global market, the partnership with Wyplay will expand our business area and open new business opportunities. HUMAX believes Wyplay will play a significant role in addressing the needs of operators across the world by providing a new range of open source middleware on the HUMAX platform.”

     “We warmly welcome HUMAX as a new member of the Frog Community. As a global player, their commitment to Frog extends the reach of the whole community in terms of addressable market and offers pay TV operators a reliable source of high performing Frog-enabled set-top-boxes with a rich set of features.” said Wyplay CEO Jacques Bourgninaud.

    The full source code and technical documentation of the Frog middleware are available to licensees on the Frog Community Portal. Non-members can sign up at 
    Wyplay and HUMAX are exhibiting during the TV connect at the London Excel from April 28th to 30th on their respective booths (HUMAX – 51 , Wyplay – MR32).


    About HUMAX
    HUMAX, founded in 1989, is a global leading gateway provider, delivering high quality Video Gateway, Broadband Gateway, Digital Set-top Box and Digital Video Recorder over 80 countries in PayTV and Broadband industries. The company headquarters and R&D center are based in Korea, with 18 overseas offices including U.S, U.K, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Japan, India, Australia and Brazil. HUMAX recorded $1.4 billion of revenue in 2014 and employs more than 1000 people across the world. For more information, please visit


    About Wyplay
    Independent and internationally recognized, Wyplay develops open, modular and innovative software solutions for OTT, IPTV, cable, satellite and terrestrial TV operators and broadcasters around the world.
    Wyplay’s technology enables operators to select, configure, and deploy solutions easily from the richest list of preconfigured functionality available in a TV solution, including an electronic program guide; video recorder; multiscreen and multiroom connectivity, an application store; and more. Wyplay’s professional services team creates user experiences that exactly match and complement an operator’s or broadcaster’s product and market strategies. Wyplay is now a strategic partner for such leading brands as SFR, Vodafone, Belgacom and now Canal+. To learn more about Wyplay’s set-top box, multi-screen and OTT solutions, please visit and .

  • HUMAX has won the world’s biggest design awards … Red Dot AWARD and iF DESIGN AWARD - March 30, 2015

    HUMAX has won the world’s biggest design awards … Red Dot AWARD and iF DESIGN AWARD
    -        Win Red dot award 2015 followed by iF DESIGN AWARD 2015
    -        Achieve world-class design excellence
    (March, 26, 2015) … HUMAX has received the world’s biggest design awards, earning a reputation for its design excellence in the world.
    HUMAX (CEO, Tae Hun Kim, announces the two products have won the honorable “Red Dot Design Award 2015” on 26th March.
    HUMAX has received the Red Dot Award for the two products this year again after winning the award last year. The company also has won the 2015 iF DESIGN AWARD last month. With its technology and design excellence, the company has developed its reputation as a global gateway service provider in the world. HUMAX has been recognized for its outstanding technology in many prestigious international exhibitions such as The Cable Show and International Broadcasting Convention.

    ‘Smart OTT’, the Red Dot award-winning product, is designed based on the idea that the product is normally placed in the living room or bed room. So it uses the eco-friendly wood-grain pattern to naturally harmonize with living room and bedroom furniture. Video Gateway, another award-winning device, allows consumers to conveniently remove the Hard Disk Drive and the product is being praised for optimizing a given functionality while successfully presenting aesthetic quality of the product. This user-friendly design idea is also shown in the PVR (Personal Video Recorder) device, the winning product of the iF DESIGN AWARD last month, focusing on triggering emotionally interactive user experiences by using familiarity.
    And PRISM TV, the iF award-wining product, is based on the idea how light is refracted through a prism, creating a spectrum of colors. The product is designed to access various contents through the Smart Search function and to provide the same TV-watching experiences on mobile devices as well.
    The CEO of HUMAX, Tae Hun Kim said, “Following the success of last two years’ acclaimed design awards, HUMAX is gaining a reputation not only for its strong global networks and technologies but also for its design innovation. “We expect to enhance our momentum in business development in light of the current business environment where we see a lot of new opportunities including the recent competition in the broadcasting industry, the rise of UHD era and the rapidly growing IoT market.  

    [About HUMAX]
    HUMAX, founded in 1989, is a global leading gateway provider, delivering high quality Video Gateway, Broadband Gateway, Digital Set-top Box and Digital Video Recorder over 80 countries in PayTV and Broadband industries. The company headquarters and R&D center are based in Korea, with 18 overseas offices including U.S, U.K, Germany, United Arab Emirates, Japan, India, Australia and Brazil. HUMAX recorded $1.4 billion of revenue in 2014 and employs more than 1000 people across the world.

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