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    Watch and record Freesat HD

    London, 23th October 2008 - Available in UK shops from mid-November 2008, the FOXSAT-HDR is bursting with Freesat+ recording features to capture the incredible colour, sound and crystal clear images of the BBC HD channel and ITV HD red button service. 

    When launched, the high specification, twin tuner Humax FOXSAT-HDR will be the only way to pause, rewind and record Freesat HD digital TV, as well as access an expanding choice of SD TV, radio and interactive channels. 

    The massive 320GB hard drive can store up to 80 hours of HD programming, or up to 200 hours of standard definition shows, while the eight day on-screen electronic programme guide makes it easy to scan the Freesat TV schedule and plan your viewing. Because the Humax FOXSAT-HD comes with two digital tuners, two Freesat channels can be recorded at the same time, so you never need miss a thing. And with HD highlights including Strictly Come Dancing, Uefa Champions League, Tonight with Jonathan Ross, England home games, and the FA Cup, there's plenty you won't want to miss.

    The Humax FOXSAT-HDR guarantees a whole host of advanced recording features for the Freesat+ digital satellite service:

    1. Series recording - to automatically record all the episodes of your favourite shows

    2. Radio recording - never miss your favourite radio shows by recording by individual shows, or even series record

    3. Live pause and instant rewind - in case you need to answer the phone or replay that crucial scene

    4. Schedule tracking - so recordings start and finish on time, even when broadcasters change their schedule

    5. Split recordings - to record two-part programmes that may have a break in the middle for a news bulletin, such as films


    Emma Scott, managing director, freesat, commented: "The launch of Freesat+ with the FOXSAT-HDR is an exciting milestone for us. We're giving viewers the freedom to enjoy all their favourite standard definition shows, as well as the likes of Strictly Come Dancing,  Uefa Champions League, England home games and blockbuster movies in HD whenever and however they want - for no subscription and no extra monthly bills."

    Graham North, commercial director, Humax, added: "Humax has developed a reputation for delivering highly functional but easy-to-use digital TV products and we have leveraged this expertise to develop a technologically-advanced digital TV recorder that offers the very best in recording and viewing features for Freesat."

    Other features of the Humax FOXSAT-HDR include:

    1. Advanced digital text and interactive services 

    2. HDMI slot for transmission of amazing high definition pictures and surround sound audio to an HD-ready TV

    3. Low power consumption - less than 1watt in standby mode and an automatic standby function, so the box shifts to standby mode if inactive

    4. Parental controls - access codes prevent children watching inappropriate content

    5. Audio description services for the blind or visually impaired and one-touch subtitles

    6. Two scart sockets for connecting other equipment such as a DVD recorder

    7. Dolby digital audio output

    8. Connecting leads and controls including HDMI cable, scart cable, remote control and batteries included

    Freesat+ FOXSAT-HDR will be available to buy from UK retailers from mid-November 2008, priced at around L299 (satellite installation not included). For more information, please visit or

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    For further information on Freesat, please contact Alex Wilkinson, Jessica Carlin or Tom Antoniw at Borkowski:
    020 7404 3000

    For further information and images for the Humax FOXSAT-HDR, please contact Louise Andrews or Kate Solomon atWildfire PR: 
    020 8339 4420


    Notes to Editors

    About Freesat 
    Freesat is a new satellite TV service providing subscription-free digital television to everyone in the UK. It offers over 130 TV, radio and interactive channels, including High Definition (HD) services from the BBC and ITV. In most cases Freesat can be used with an existing Sky satellite dish. Freesat is a not-for-profit organisation and is a joint venture between the BBC and ITV. For more information visit

    About Humax 
    Humax is one of the world's largest manufacturers of digital set-top boxes, exporting its products to over 90 countries across the globe.  The company has built a solid reputation as a leading supplier of high quality, feature-rich digital TV products, including Digital Television Recorders (DTRs), high definition (HD) set-top boxes and HD-ready integrated digital TVs with built-in PVRs.  The company headquarters and R&D facility are based in Korea, with offices in Dubai, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, the UK and the US. Humax's HD Freesat set-top box, the FOXSAT-HD, was the winner of the 2008 ERT 'Brown Goods Product of the Year' award.

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