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Remote Control Code List

Country Product Code Version
Australia HDR-1003S MDB1.3_01
HMS-1000T MDB1.3_02
Germany CXHD-5100C MDB1.3_01
iCord Cable
HGS-1000S MDB1.3_02
iCord Pro
iCord NEO
Italy TIVUMAX HD MDB1.3_01
HMS-1000S MDB1.3_02
Middle East iCord HD+ MDB1.3_01
Netherlands HD-FOX C MDB1.3_01
Northern Europe BXR-HD+2 MDB1.3_01
United Kingdom DTR-T1010 MDB1.3_01
FVP-4000T MDB1.3_02


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Servie Policy / Warranty

HUMAX thanks you for your recent HUMAX product purchase.
For your benefit, we recommend that you record your serial number, found on the product, and other purchase information on the card and keep it with your personal records, along with proof of purchase. This information will allow us to better serve your needs.


Keep the Certificate together with the original invoice or receipt in a safe place and show them to the retailer or place of purchase whenever a warranty repair is necessary.


HUMAX warrants this product to be free of defects in materials and workmanship, subject to the conditions set forth overleaf.

  • In the event that this product fails to function properly during the warranty period, the retailer or distributor will make this product capable of operating for the purpose of which it was designed, without charging for labour and parts.
  • This warranty will be honoured only if the Warranty Certificate has been duly completed by the purchaser and is presented to the retailer with the original invoice or receipt.
  • This warranty does not cover shipping or transportation charges from you to us.
  • The obligations of the distributor are limited to the repair of defect parts.
    Costs and risks of transport to the retailer as well as removal and installation of the product, and any other costs directly or indirectly related to its repair, are not covered by the warranty.
  • All warranty repairs performed by non-authorized repair shops will not be reimbursed and if such repairs damage this product such damage will not be covered by this warranty.
  • This warranty is not applicable in cases other than defects in materials or workmanship and, in particular, does not cover:
    a) periodic check-ups, adjustments, maintenance or conversions as well as replacement of parts due to normal wear and tear;
    b) damage caused by accidents, negligence, modifications, use of non-HUMAX parts, improper use, installation or package;
    c) damage caused by lightning, water, fire, acts of war, public disturbances, incorrect mains voltages, incorrect ventilation or any other cause beyond the control of the distributor;
    d) products where the label bearing the serial number has been removed, defaced or is illegible.
  • This warranty is offered to any person who has legally obtained possession of this product within the warranty period.
  • HUMAX's maximum liability shall not exceed the actual purchase price paid by you for the product. In no event shall HUMAX be liable for special, incidental, consequential or indirect damages.


  • DiSEqC (Digital Satellite Equipment Control)

    A DiSEqC compatible receiver relies on a switching box which detects the 22kHz tone pulsing rapidly on and off . In this way, a specially designed receiver can control numerous LNBs through a DiSEqC switching box.
  • Dolby Digital

    An encoding system that digitally compresses up to 5.1 discrete channels of audio (left front, centre, right front, left surround, right surround) into a single Bitstream. A low frequency eff ect (LFE) channel is included providing the sound needed for special eff ects.
  • DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting)

    Set of standards that defi ne digital broadcasts using satellite, cable or terrestrial systems.
  • EPG (Electronic Programme Guide)

    An electronic equivalent to a printed television listings magazine; it is an application used with digital set-top boxes and digital television sets to list current and scheduled programs that are or will be available on each channel, including a short summary or commentary for each program. The information supplied in the EPG is sent and updated by the channel broadcaster.
  • FEC (Forward Error Correction)

    A technique for error control of data transmission.
  • Frequency

    The property of a signal measured in cycles per second (=Hz).
  • FTA (Free- To-Air)

    An unscrambled broadcaster allowing customers to view channels or services without paying any subscription.
  • Hi-Fi (High Fidelity)

    The characteristics of audio devices that can play back all the audio frequencies a person can detect, which is the range of 16Hz~20KHz. Sometimes it is used to indicate good quality of audio devices such as stereo tape recorders.
  • LNB (Low Noise Block)

    A device that is mounted on an arm facing your satellite dish, focusing on satellite signals. A LNB converts signals received from satellite to a lower frequency and sends them to a satellite receiver via coaxial cable.
  • OSD (On Screen Display)

    OSD displays the basic information necessary for the users to confi gure monitor or TV settings. OSD information may include brightness, contrast, tuning, RGB adjustment, and screen size and position.
  • OTA (Over the Air)

    A standard for the transmission of software for equipment, through a broadcast system. Manufacturers reserve the right for deciding the release of the software for their products.
  • Polarization

    The direction of the electrical and magnetic fi elds of a signal. Satellites use both vertical and horizontal polarisation. Means that a frequency can be used twice.
  • PID (Packet Identifi er)

    A set of numbers identifying stream packets contained within a single data stream.
  • QPSK (Quaternary Phase Shift Keying)

    Digital modulation technique in which the carrier phase can have one of four possible values.
  • RF (Radio Frequency)

    Television signals are modulated onto RF signals and are then demodulated by your television’s or STB’s tuner.
  • RF Modulator

    Enables you to output the receiver’s digital signals to a TVs RF (Aerial) input, allowing you to connect the receiver to a TV set without a SCART connection.
  • RS-232C

    A connection to allow you to connect to a PC to update receiver’s software.

    A 21-pin connector standard to connect two pieces of Audio-Visual equipment such as a TV and a VCR. Each device will have a 21-pin female connection; a cable with male connection at both ends is used for connecting the devices.
  • Smartcard

    A credit card sized card that contains updateable chip memory. It is used for accessing Pay TV (encrypted) channel or services when inserted into an appropriate receiver.
  • S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface format)

    A standard format for the transfer of digital audio signals. It allows the transfer of digital audio between two devices without any conversion to and from analogue, which could degrade the signal quality.
  • S-Video (Super-Video

    Sometimes referred to as Y/C video; a technology for transmitting video signals via a cable. It is a video signal transmission in which the luminance (brightness) and the chrominance (colour) signals are transmitted separately to achieve superior picture clarity.
  • Transponder

    A satellite is divided up in parts called transponders. A transponder is one distribution section of the satellite. Each transponder can be used for distribution of several channels or services.
  • PIP (Picture In Picture)

    A function that allows you to display two diff erent TV channels (or TV inputs) on a single screen.
  • PVR (Personal Video Recorder)

    Video recorder that can record and playback programmes directly using the embedded hard disk drive(s).
  • Trick-Play

    Pause, Fast Forward/Fast Rewind, Slow Motion, Instant Replay, Commercial Skip, Repeat A-B.
  • TSR (Time Shifted Recording)

    A function that records the present programme temporarily to support trick-play.
  • HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

    The primary computer storage medium, which is made of one or more aluminum or glass platters, coated with a ferromagnetic material.

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