• Humax to showcase its ‘UHD set-top box’ in Europe - September 12, 2013

    Humax to showcase its ‘UHD set-top box’ in Europe
    -  Humax to unveil its ‘UHD set-top box’ at ‘IBC 2013’, Europe's largest professional broadcast trade show
    -  Humax to demonstrate its next-generation home network using Home Gateway Server

    (Sep 12, 2013)… Humax (President Byun Dae-gyu, www.humaxdigital.com) announced that it will participate in ‘IBC 2013’, Europe's largest professional broadcast show, which will be held in Amsterdam, from September 13th to 17th, to unveil its next-generation product lineup, including the UHD set-top box, Home Gateway Server (HGS), and Residential Gateway (RG).
    Humax will unveil its UHD set-top box to demonstrate the reception and playback of UHD broadcast signals via the world's largest private satellite operator, SES Astra satellite. The UHD broadcast signals use H.265 (HEVC) codec, which has 50% better compression efficiency than the existing technology, and offer resolution measuring 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, four times that of the existing Full HD.
    The UHD broadcast has recently been thrust into the limelight, and major global commercial broadcasting companies are vying with each other in rolling it out commercially around 2015. SNE Research, a market research firm, forecasts UHD televisions will make up 12.5% of the entire television market by 2016.
    Humax will demonstrate a newly upgraded home network, using Home Gateway Server, which enables users to receive, record, and transcode broadcasts; Residential Gateway, which supports wired/wireless Internet and VoIP; and Smart Box, which allows users to play streaming content.
    Humax's newly launched home network service allows users to watch up to three different channels simultaneously via connected devices, such as a TV set, Smart Box, and tablet while at the same time recording up to four channels via all the devices on the network, and sharing content like videos, music, and images stored on the devices.
    President Byun Dae-gyu said, “Recently we have witnessed new market-changing innovations like ever growing IP services, the convergence of broadcasting and communications, and UHD broadcast,” adding “We're going to strengthen our position as a leading company in the set-top box market, as we have before with digitalization in the early 2000s and conversion to HD in the mid-to-late 2000s.”
    The International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) is Europe's largest professional broadcast show and is held every September in Amsterdam. This year, the show will be held for five days starting September 13th, and is expected to attract more than 1,400 leading suppliers of state-of-the-art electronic media technology from 160 countries. (end)
    1) UHD (Ultra HD)
    a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160, which is roughly 4 times the number of pixels in Full HD format (1920 x 1080), also known as ‘4K’
    2) H.265 (HEVC) Codec
    the next-generation video codec formally approved by the ITU, with 50% better compression efficiency than H.264 (AVC) for the existing UHD broadcast demonstrations
    3) Transcoding
    the process of converting TV broadcast signals so that they can be viewed on connected devices, such as tablets, and smartphones
    4) Residential Gateway
    a home networking device for access/relay between wired/wireless home network and the Internet
    5) Smart Box
    an IP-dedicated set-top box that supports OTT service (streaming), also functioning as a client box when connected to a home gateway server
    [About Humax]
    Humax, founded in 1989, is a global leading set-top box company. It is now supplying high-quality digital set-top boxes and DVRs (Digital Video Recorder) to major cable, satellite, terrestrial, and IPTV operators in over 80 countries. Its head office and R&D center are located in Korea, and it has 16 foreign branches across the world, covering the UK, the US, Germany, Dubai, France, Italy, Japan, Thailand, and Australia.  Its gross sales for year 2010 exceeded 1 trillion won, and it has around 900 employees throughout the world.

  • Visit HUMAX at IBC 2013 - Hall 1, Stand No. C27 (13-17, September 2013) - September 04, 2013


    IBC 2013 is upcoming and you are welcome to visit our booth, where we will be showcasing our latest products.

    Humax portfolio will include DVB-RDK, 4K, Home Media Server, Residential Gateway, Hotspot, OTT, TV Apps, our next UI and connected services as well as a range of Set-Top Boxes and PVRs.

    Hall 1, Stand No. C27, RAI Amsterdam, 13-17 September 2013 (www.ibc.org)

  • Humax unveils the world-first HTML5 based smart set-top box - July 18, 2013

    Humax releases the open platform HTML5 based smart set-top box, the first of its kind in the world
    Humax starts shipping its set-top box to T-broad, the largest Korean cable TV operator

    (July 18, 2013)… Humax (CEO Dae Gyu Byun, www.humaxdigital.com) announced on July 18 that it will supply T-broad (CEO Sang-Yoon Lee www.Tbroad.com) with the smart set-top boxes based on the next generation web standard HTML5.

    It is the first commercialized HTML5 based product in the world which supports Smart Plus, the next generation pay-tv service T-broad launched last month. When the set-top box is connected to a TV, the TV performs like a smart TV - providing interactive services like internet surfing, applications, and VOD (video on demand).

    Both companies launched the first commercial smart TV service in the world that is based on the open platform HTML5. This frees themselves of control from specific platforms like Google TV and Android. The open platform also enables users to use apps on whatever operating systems (OS) or devices they have. For developers, it shortens the developing process and cuts the developing cost.  HTML5 is the latest version of HTML, the basic language used on the Internet, and can be used to freely implement various apps or videos.

    Besides T-broad, many other pay-tv operators are preparing the TV service based on the open platform HTML5 one after another. However, Humax can now focus on building the platform's ecosystem as it releases the first product supporting the platform.

    T-broad's Smart Plus is the HTML5 based platform developed by Korea Digital Cable Media Center (KDMC) and Alticast. It provides services like Internet surfing via a TV, personalization service with login system, and a total searching service that lets users find anything they want at once from broadcast programs and VOD lists.  Users may also use their smartphone or tablet PC as a TV remote control by connecting the set-top box and the smart devices.

    Humax’s CEO Dae Gyu Byun said, "As cable and satellite providers are providing smart TV service that allows interactive watching one after another, smart set-top boxes are becoming more standard. With the experience, Humax has earned in the last 2-3 years by releasing smart set-top boxes in full-fledging broadcasting markets such as British and German, we will try to popularize the smart box in Korea as well."
    Meanwhile, T-broad is the largest Multiple System Operator (MSO) in Korea who owns 21 system operators in 21 regions out of the nation's 77 regions, services HD digital broadcasting, 1Gb Internet, VoIP (Internet phone) and low-cost phone services.  (End)
    ※ HTML5: Latest standard of web programing language HTML. It is highly compatible with various systems without binding to a specific platform, and can implement diverse functions containing video, music, and graphics without installing additional programs like ActiveX.
    ※ DOCSIS: It is the cable modem's international standard defined by CableLabs, USA. DOCSIS 3.0 supports high-speed Internet through Channel Bonding technology to improve transfer speed.

    [About Humax]
    Humax, founded in 1989, is a global leading set-top box company. It is now supplying high-quality digital set-top boxes and DVRs (Digital Video Recorder) to major cable, satellite, terrestrial, and IPTV operators in over 80 countries. Its head office and R&D center are located in Korea, and it has 16 foreign branches across the world, covering the UK, the US, Germany, Dubai, France, Italy, Japan, Thailand, and Australia.  Its gross sales for year 2010 exceeded 1 trillion won, and it has around 900 employees throughout the world.

  • Humax to showcase its next-generation home networking service in Germany - June 06, 2013

    Humax to showcase its next-generation home networking service in Germany
    - Service includes Home Gateway Server and Residential Gateway.
    - Humax intends to secure communications technologies to tap into the broadcasting and communications convergence market.
    (June 6, 2013) Humax (President Byun Dae-gyu,
    www.humaxdigital.com) said that it will participate in ANGACOM 2013, a broadcasting trade show, which will be held in Cologne, Germany for three days starting June 4th to showcase its next-generation product lineup and home networking service.
    The company is planning to put its Home Gateway Server (HGS), Residential Gateway (RG), Smart Box, and Wi-Fi router on display, and demonstrate its multimedia home networking service connecting these devices.

    Humax will demonstrate a process of multimedia content (real-time broadcasts, video, music, and images) being shared among the devices (HGS, RG, Smart Box, and Tablet PC) on its home networking service. This service allows you to receive 3 channels simultaneously, record 4 channels, and download a broadcast in real time to 2 connected devices other than TV. Especially highlighted will be HGS, which doubles both as set-top box for broadcasting and RG for communications and supports the Triple Play Service (broadcasting, wired/wireless Internet, and VoIP) in a single set-top box.
    The RG supports wired/wireless Internet and VoIP based on DOCSIS 3.0 and EuroDOCSIS 3.0. Notably, the wireless Internet supports stable video streaming on the 5GHz frequency dual band, which has little interference with 2.4GHz frequency.

    This trade show is meaningful for Humax in that it will give Humax an opportunity to secure the latest communications technologies such as RG, enabling the company to go after the broadcasting and communications convergence market more aggressively.

    At the start of 2013, Humax started supplying Home Gateway Servers for satellites in North America, and is planning to advance into the retail markets in Germany and Australia this year, and provide cable broadcasting devices in South America early next year. We are currently under consultation with other businesses to supply the RG before the end of this year.

    “The increase in connected devices such as smartphones and tablet PCs has accelerated the convergence of broadcasting and communications. Humax has committed itself to securing communications technologies in recent years, and will launch next-generation products converging related technologies this year and next year,” said President Byun Dae-gyu, adding “The broadcasting and communications convergence market will give Humax another opportunity to grow.”
    In the meantime, ANGACOM 2013 will be held in Cologne, Germany for three days from June 4th through June 6th. Over 450 companies from 36 countries are expected to participate in the event this year. An estimated 16,000 visitors came to see the event last year. The exhibition booth for Humax is located at G9 in 10.2 hall.
    [Note] Terminologies
    (1) Residential Gateway (RG)
    A home communications device connected to the Internet that transmits and receives wired or wireless information to and from voice, data and multimedia devices.
    (2) DOCSIS
    An international standard for cable modems set by CableLabs America. DOCSIS 3.0 supports high-speed internet using the Channel Bonding technology to improve data transfer rate.
    (3) EuroDOCSIS
    A DOCSIS standard for European cable system set by Excentis Belgium. EuroDOCSIS 3.0, like DOCSIS 3.0, supports high-speed Internet using the Channel Bonding technology.

  • Con Humax la videoregistrazione cambia volto - April 12, 2013

    Funzioni multimediali a portata di tutti con i modelli Tivumax Recorder e Digimax Recorder

    Humax, azienda multinazionale che produce e commercializza prodotti per la tv digitale, ha lanciato due nuovi modelli appositamente sviluppati per il mercato italiano: si tratta di Digimax Recorder (foto), un videorecorder digitale terrestre HD, e di Tivumax Recorder, un videorecorder satellitare HD compatibile TivùSat. La registrazione, che avviene su unità di memoria inseribile/rimovibile da 320 o 500 GB acquistabile separatamente, grazie al doppio sintonizzatore ed all’altissima velocità di trasferimento dei dati, rende possibili molte funzioni accessorie innovative per il mercato italiano: dalla programmazione diretta da EPG (guida programmi aggiornata automaticamente via etere), alla registrazione simultanea di due canali, alla riproduzione di un contenuto in archivio persino mentre due registrazioni sono in corso.
    Non solo registratori
    Ma i recorder Tivumax e Digimax non sono solo “registratori”: per esempio con la funzione Time-Shift Recording sempre attiva sul canale visualizzato, si può mettere in pausa la diretta di un programma che si sta guardando e riprendere la visione quando lo si desidera, oppure si può rivedere una scena o, se non piace, addirittura saltarla. Tutto senza bisogno di predisporre alcuna impostazione particolare: solo con un click. É possibile effettuare il Backup delle proprie registrazioni su una memoria Usb, riproducibile dal Pc o da un altro dispositivo multimediale. E se si dispone anche di una connessione Internet, le funzionalità si moltiplicano: grazie alla opzione Home Network, è possibile accedere (anche in WiFi tramite adattatore accessorio), ai contenuti multimediali archiviati sul pc o su un Nas e rivederli sul tv in alta definizione. Inoltre, accedendo al “Humax TV Portal” si entra in un mondo di APP come YouTube, Facebook, Twitter e tante altre sempre aggiornate. Grazie alla certificazione “Dgtvi Bollino Gold” è possibile fruire dei servizi di streaming gratuito On-Demand quali Rai Replay o La7 On Demand, che permettono la visione dei programmi andati in onda nei giorni precedenti.
    - http://www.biancoebruno.it/ -

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